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eBook : Gourmet

    We did it! We finally finished our very first eBook! The topic is "Bring More Bliss to your Bedroom" and more specifically, it's all about Penis Rings, tips for giving the Gourmet Blow Job and tips for making a B.J. more efficient. (Sorry guys, but some days it's gotta be quick!)

This 14 page e-book is full of oral sex tips and techniques.  $4.99 

We start off with penis rings and how and why couples enjoy them. We even cover two reasons why women may enjoy the penis ring! Hint : they can make your partner last longer. We also share tips for using them properly and how to prep the area before using them.

We also have tips in this workbook for how to give the gourmet b.j. For those days when we have more time to lavish and spend on our partner. We even cover some "deep" oral sex techniques for the kinkier among us.        

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And, we know that men do not like to hear the words "efficient" and "blow job" in the same sentence - but let's face it. Some days we need it to be over with quickly. The efficient blow job techniques are also great for women who find it a "job" and who want to find ways to make it all happen more quickly.

We are offering a full MONEY BACK guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with your Bliss e-book. We feel strongly that this is so full of great tips and techniques that everyone can find something helpul or useful.

Enjoy and remember SEX is supposed to be FUN!

You will recieve the e-book via email in a PDF file once your payment is confirmed.

Blissfully, Chrystal
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