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Sex Expert available for radio, t.v. and article interviews: Chrystal Bougon

Need an EXPERT to interview about SEX that can speak intelligently using proper terminology and that won't make your listeners blush? Want to talk to a Sex Expert about how to "Beat the Boredom in the Bedroom" that most couples face after a few years of marriage or living together?  I am an FCC Friendly Sex Expert. (For an example of an FCC Friendly FM Interview, click here to hear me on with Connie and Fish in Wisconsin on August 4th, 2009.)

Chrystal Bougon, CTO (Chief Toy Officer) and Sexpert, has personally facilitated over 1,000 Pleasure Parties all over the Bay Area for the last 6.5 years. She has spoken to thousands of women and couples in the comfort of their own home about what issues they have around sex and their most intimate dysfunction. Tap into her brain and her years of experience talking to REAL people about the sex they are or ARE NOT having!

Who doesn’t want better sex?  Then why are most couples only having sex once a month and some much less than that?  Sex is great for you physically but it’s also great for stress and reconnecting with your lover so you can battle any life hardships that you may be experiencing. Sex has finally come out of the gutter and is being talked about on Oprah, The Doctors, and even Barbara Walters said toys are not a luxury but a necessity! 

Check out Chrystal's blog about her own Radio Show called Everyone Wants to Have Better Sex at

Chrystal Bougon is on a mission  to teach people how to have better sex without being dirty, crude or rude. Her Better Sex Radio was just awarded the Frontier Fifty Award along side radio stars like Sean Hannity, Dr. Laura, Adam Corolla, and Rush Limbaugh after only being on the air for 3 months!!!

In this interview she’ll share with your listeners:
  • Why Millions of women think they are the only ones not having great sex.
  • How to bring up the topic of more sex with your spouse
  • Why Sex gets better with age
  • What problems women complain about all the time! (And the easy fix)
  • How a job layoff sent her into this field of being America’s sex educator.
  • How to beat the boredom in the bedroom.
  • What women tell her they REALLY want.
  • What men tell her that they REALLY want from their partner.

Plus any other topic you want to discuss.

To create a flurry of phone calls and water cooler talk…book an interview with Chrystal now:  Email:
Tel: 408-826-9087 or 408-712-3809

PS BEWARE: After just one interview, Chrystal will become a regular guest on your show…listeners LOVE her! 

Questions you can discuss on the air if they fit within your format:

1 Why did Barbara Walters say sex toys are a "luxury, not a neccesity."
2 If confidence is so sexy, how can I help my wife to feel more confident and   more interested in sex tonight?
3 You're not the only one with problems in the bedroom. What kind of problems do women complain about?
4 What are 3 things men can do to help their wives feel lustier and in the mood more often?  
5 What are 3 things couples can do to SPICE up their sex life? 
6 How can a $13 romance toy change your life and outlook on partner sex?
7 Can sex get better with age?
8 Can you be Sexy at any size?
9 How can I help my wife to be more comfortable with her body and her sexuality?
10 What can you suggest to get my wife or husband in the mood tonight?
11 How can couples keep things new and exciting after the first 5 years?

Chrystal Bougon, Sex Expert Bio

Chrystal  Bougon, Award Winning Radio Show Host of “Everyone Wants to Have Better Sex”  is the owner and founder of  - her very tasteful online romance store. 

Chrystal’s mission is to teach women and couples how to incorporate sex toys into their romantic life and to teach everyone how they can have better sex.  

Chrystal is a High Tech Corporate refugee who switched from High Tech to Sex Tech after she was laid off during the DOT COM BUST in 2002.  Chrystal has been selling sex toys via her Bliss Pleasure Parties all over the San Jose and San Francisco Bay Area since April 2003. Chrystal also owned a very tasteful sex toy brick & mortar store in the Bay Area for 2.5 years. She has personally facilitated over 1,000 Pleasure Parties and has spoken to hundreds of Moms’ Groups and other Women’s groups about how to have better sex. Chrystal is on a mission to teach women to take responsibility for their own orgasms. 

Our very tasteful online sex toy store is at