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Co-ed Pleasure Parties 408-826-9087 and is happy to announce our Co-ed Pleasure Parties. We do offer home pleasure parties for women and couples.

Co ed parties are a completely different experience then our "Girls Only" pleasure parties, so take that into consideration when booking your party. They are always alot of fun, but they are completely different then what you may be use to when it comes to a Home Adult Toy Party. (Many pleasure party companies do not like doing couples pleasure parties. We are very open to couples pleasure parties! Just give us a call. 408-826-9087.)

For starters, we at Bliss would like to recommend that the gentlemen at the party be over 30 and part of a couple. We have found in doing co-ed pleasure parties over the last 5 years that it works best this way. 

You will need to over invite when you host a Bliss party. We would like you to have a minimum of 10 couples for our co-ed home parties that way there are a minimum of 10 buying customers.

Like with all of our parties, with the co-ed parties we will set up a very private Romance Store in one of your bedrooms or your office that way each couple has some privacy when they place their orders. This extra discretion is very important at a co-ed party.

You will find alot of giggling and laughing at the co-ed parties, but your guests will be a little more reserved and more quiet at a co-ed party. You will also find alot more giggling when we cover subjects such as how to find her G-Spot and how to find his prostate.

Before you host a co-ed party we do suggest you talk with your friends first and make sure they are really interested in this style of party. Some men just are not comfortable with so much frank discussion about sex and so it just won't be right for some groups. Once you have talked with your group and decide it's right for you and your friends, call us and book your party!

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