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Blow Job Class HomeParty

 Blow Job Parties and Workshops in your own home by Bliss. This is sort of like a pleasure party, but this is a 90 minute seminar in your home and focused on one topic. The gourmet blow job! (Well, we sneak in some "efficient" blow job techniques and some hand job techniques, too.)
     When you book a blow job class, an instructor will be sent to your provided designated location. Parties typically last about an hour and half and they consist of instruction AND participation by you and your guests.
Note: We have an eBook called "The Gourmet Blowjob" and it's 14 pages and only $4.99 - full of luxury and efficient bj tips you can purchase here.
The night of the party, each woman will be given their own tool and flavored condom to work with, and a variety of tools to choose from! And don't worry... we won't send you home
empty handed. Each lovey participant gets to take their 6" suction cup toy home with them that night. (We sell these toys and others like it on our online sex toy store

Our home blow job seminar is designed to leave you and your friends feeling empowered and beautiful. There is an art to oral love making. Many women are intimidated it and other women just want to be sure they are know all the best gourmet techniques, too.

This workshop will be highly interactive (using your own toy) as well as informative.  Women, be assured that we will provide a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental environment. We will start with a discussion about about the male anatomy and then we will get down to business.

Pricing for Blow Job Home Party:

$350 for 1 - 9 women. ($350 minimum/guaranteed.)
$ 25  for each additional guest.
(Ladies Only. No nudity.)
Everyone gets their own 6" suction cup toy for the party and they get to take it home with them that night. That is included in the price of the class.

$50 travel fee for parties in San Francisco. Must be paid up front.
We require the full $350 up front. When we arrive at your home and there are additional women, they or you can pay that night for each additional guest. (We have attached to our cell phones, so we can take all 4 major credit cards, checks and cash the night of your party.)

We also bring about 6 boxes of products with us that we like to set up in a private bedroom. After the 90 minute seminar, you and your friends are welcome to browse the products privately one person at a time in our mobile sex toy store we set up in your home. (Usually in the master bedroom.)

There is NO obligation to buy anything though.

It's just there in case you are inspired by some of the products we show during our blow job class. (We bring oral sex oriented products. Not our full pleas
ure party store. Just products related to making oral sex smell and taste better and a few toys that can turn a blow job into a luxurious event for both of you.)

Fun with fellatio for women only. This is your Fellatio and Blow Job Master Class, ladies. Blow him away, ladies! Let's talk about his pleasure anatomy and be the kinda girl who totally aces the blow job class!

Call us at 408-712-3809 to book your blow job party.

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